About Robins

The son of E. Claiborne and Lora Robins, E. Claiborne Robins Jr. was born and raised in Virginia. Through his travels around the world in his position with the family's pharmaceutical business, Mr. Robins developed a deep appreciation for the winemaker's dedication to their craft and how wine was an integral part of the culture in many societies. Coming back to the States Mr. Robins, filled with rich experiences, saw the opportunity to give voice to small family owned wineries to wine consumers in Virginia. Arising from this passion, Mr. Robins founded The Robins Cellars in 1990.

Over the years Mr. Robins has seen many of his beloved wineries grow to national and multi-national levels. Through it all the foundation of The Robins Cellars has remained true - dedication to the small family winery and the artistry of finely crafted wines. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, historian and father; Mr. Robins' passion for wine, dedication to quality service and giving voice to small wineries is undiminished.