SEGUIN-MANUEL logo SEGUIN-MANUEL (Burgundy - France)
A local and artisanal winery which carefully crafts great wines from the French region of Burgundy.
THORN by THE PRISONER WINE CO. logo THORN by THE PRISONER WINE CO. Merlot (Napa Valley - California)
You don’t know what it wants and you’ve underestimated its character. But you can feel it watching your every move. A cunning presence lingers, like a thorn in your side. It isn’t going anywhere.
DERANGE by THE PRISONER WINE CO. logo DERANGE by THE PRISONER WINE CO. Red Blend (Napa Valley - California)
In the late spring of 2016, all 2015 TPWC lots were evaluated for character. The most concentrated and delicious lots of each variety were selected for the first vintage of Dérangé. After lot selection, all barrels destined for Dérangé were hand-selected
CUTTINGS by THE PRISONER WINE CO. logo CUTTINGS by THE PRISONER WINE CO. Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa/Sonoma/Red Hills - California)
nspired by the age-old method of using cuttings from idyllic sites for the propagation of new vines, this Cabernet Sauvignon showcases some of our favorite hillside vineyards. Cuttings combines the deep, intense flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon with the struc
ESSER VINEYARDS logo ESSER VINEYARDS (Monterey/Paso Robles - California)
Esser® wines are produced from the cool Central Coast Region of California and crafted from sustainably farmed vineyards. These wines express the fruit, the climate, the terroir and water into a poetic expression of flavors long sought by wine connoisseur
PAULA KORNELL logo PAULA KORNELL Sparkling Wine (Napa Valley - California)
Paula Kornell Sparkling Wine is the namesake brand of one of Napa Valley’s leading women in wine, who has lived and breathed this premier wine-growing region all her life. With two sparkling wines that draw on California’s past while attracting contempora
THE CRITIC logo THE CRITIC Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley - California)
The Beauty of a Wine used to be in the Eye of the Beholder. It was simply about tasting a wine and deciding the merits for yourself. Somewhere along the way that was lost. Let’s get back to the heart of enjoying wine. You are The Critic. You be the judge!
BIG RED MONSTER logo BIG RED MONSTER Cabernet Sauvignon (Paso Robles - California)
Every good story needs a hero, a villain... and a monster. This savage beast hails from Paso Robles, California’s real wine county. Clocking in at 15% abv, rugged Paso possesses the largest diurnal temperature difference of all California wine-gro
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