Wine Imports

Importing fine wines for sale through established U.S. distributors.

E.C. Robins International has, or will work to obtain, the very products and services you desire.

Long ago our research determined some importers and distributors were pushing poor quality wines on the consumer, in part because everyone focused on price. A growing void developed in the market for reasonably priced, high quality wines.

It's a market segment we try hard to satisfy.

E.C. Robins International only represents wines with a level of quality that meet our high standards, then we regularly visit the producers to verify the quality will be consistent. We do not carry wines we have not tasted in various settings and... we only sell wines we're proud to put our name behind.

All represented wines are targeted for the "American palate" and ready to drink, now. Our distinguished product line may not be correct for all distributors; however, if high quality wines, fair prices, and quick response are what you need, we just may have the right products for you.

Retailers, institutions, restaurants, and consumers are invited to inquire about represented products. These wines may be obtained through our network of authorized distributors who can use our New York port FTZ location to facilitate convenience and utilize freight consolidation to reduce costs.

Specialty or private labels are available on request through our network of producers and our U.S. label registration service.

The range of wines and services represented by E.C. Robins International demonstrate upper scale value...... ......value you need to grow your business, and value to your clients.