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High Quality Wines

Our wine imports

Long ago our research determined some importers and distributors were pushing poor quality wines on the consumer, in part because everyone focused on price. A growing void developed in the market for reasonably priced, high quality wines. It is here that we decided that importing our own wines was the best way to satisfy this market segment.

Through our parent company, E. C. Robins International, The Robins Cellars only represents wines with a level of quality that meet our high standards. We regularly visit our producers to verify the quality is consistent. We do not carry wines we have not tasted in various settings, and we only sell wines we are proud to put our name behind.

All represented wines are targeted for the "American palate" and ready to drink, now. Our distinguished product line may not be correct for all distributors; however, if high quality wines, fair prices, and quick response are what you need, we just may have the right products for you. Speciality or private labels are available on request through our network of producers and our U.S. label registration service.

We invite you to contact us or your sales representative to ask for wines "Imported by E. C. Robins International, Inc., Richmond, VA."

Our Core Imports Include

Weingut Breit

Piesport, Germany

Today's winery was founded in 1970 by Matthias Breit. It is located in the historic winemaking town of Piesport, Germany. The slate-blue Devonian slate soil in Piesport is soft, light, and stony, ensuring good water supply, and is especially apt at absorbing the sunshine reflected by the Mosel River upon the steep south-facing slopes. This helps to produce an optimal climate for Riesling grapes, giving “true” Piesporter wine a great finesse, a plethora of aromas, and a crisp and exotic finish. When Matthias’ son Manfred Breit took over the winery at a young age, he laid the foundation stone for a successful family enterprise by expanding the business and selling bottled wine. The winery has been in the hands of his son, Holger Breit, since 2000. Through his ambitions and visions, he has made the winery a modern and future-oriented company that relies on natural management of its vineyards and state-of-the-art cellar technology. Vineyard acquisitions, especially in the prestigious and highly sought after Goldtöpfchen location, have allowed the company to grow to around 6 hectares of grapes. As the Roman poet Ausonius wrote, the vineyards frame the place “like the tiers of an amphitheater”.

A.R. Lenoble

Champagne, France

The story begins in 1870. During the war, Joseph Graser flees the Germans and leaves his native Alsace and walks all the way to Epernay in Champagne, the place where his wife Alice was born. He dies suddenly in the street at the age of 44. His son Armand-Raphaël, who had dreamed of becoming a doctor, is forced by nature to become head of the family at a very young age and starts his professional life as a wine broker instead. In 1920, Armand-Raphaël starts to produce his own wines under the name of Champagne Graser, although he quickly changes the name of his house to AR Lenoble. With the armistice still fresh in mind, he decided that a name with German connotations was perhaps not the best idea. He creates his own brand called « AR Lenoble », combining his initials « AR » with « Lenoble » as a tribute to the nobility of the wines of Champagne. Four generations will then succeed each other, each one of them promising to keep the domaine in the family as well as completely independent, and each one of them armed with strong convictions defended with commitment and devotion. Today, the domaine is managed by the sister and brother team of Anne and Antoine Malassagne. For over 20 years, guided by their convictions, they have shaped the wines of Champagne AR Lenoble.

Les Vins Robin

Bordeaux, France

Bertrand Robin began making wine in Bordeaux in 1839 under the slogan “Qualité passe Quantité” (quality over quantity). The current husband and wife team of Dominique and Armelle Robin have been managing the winemaking from their establishment in Libourne, Bordeaux for many years now. They own and operate several properties including Chateau Le Castelet in Pomerol, Chateau Busquet in Lussac-Saint Emilion, and the Bordeaux AOC Chateau La Graside. Since 2008, they have been assisted by their daughter and winemaker Pauline Robins, a graduate of the Faculty of Oenology of Bordeaux.


Bourgogne, France

Seguin-Manuel has undergone a major rejuvenation since its acquisition by Thibaut Marion in 2004, 180 years after its foundation in 1824. Coming from a ten-generation family of winegrowers, Chanson Père & Fils, Thibaut started his career - and honed his skills for seven years - at the family winery in Beaune. Today, he puts his experience, passion and energy at the service of the great wines of Burgundy. The range has thus been considerably extended through the acquisition of new vineyards and new grape suppliers. Every effort has been made at Seguin-Manuel to let the wines express their natural balance and each cuvée is crafted with the intention of reflecting its terroir with panache. "Beyond my deep respect for the vineyards and wines of Burgundy, I never forget that this divine beverage is a means to share moments of friendship. Our historical cellars can testify this, and we invite you to come and experience it with us." Thibaut Marion